S-Flex Sleeves
Flexible sleeves for S-Flex couplings are available in 3 materials (EPDM, Neoprene, and Hytrel) and in 3 standard designs: 1 piece strong, one-piece split, or two piece
JE, JN, JES and JNS Types
JE and JN Variety sleeves attribute a one-piece sound layout
JES and JNS Kind sleeves attribute a one-piece split design
JE and JES Style sleeves are molded in EPDM material
JN and JNS Kind sleeves are molded in Neoprene materials
E and N Types
E and N Variety sleeves function a two-piece style with retaining ring
E Variety sleeves are created from EPDM material and therefore are accessible in sizes 5-16
N Sort sleeves are created from Neoprene materials and are obtainable in sizes 5-14
Two piece sleeves are ideal for applications in which modest shaft separations inhibit the set up of the one piece sleeve
H and HS Kinds
H and HS Kind sleeves are developed for higher torque applications, transmitting about four instances as much electrical power as an equivalent EPDM or Neoprene sleeve
Hytrel sleeves can be found in the one-piece solid (H) or two-piece split (HS) construction
Hytrel sleeves could be utilized only with S or SC flanges and might not be made use of with J or B flanges
Hytrel sleeves really should not be utilised as direct replacements for EPDM or Neoprene applications
H and HS Type sleeves are available for sizes 6-14 (sizes 13 and 14 can be found in HS only)