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Gear adapters mount between the vehicle transmission and power take-away, and can serve several purposes. Mostly, adapters are utilized to change the direction of rotation of the PTO end result shaft. They may also be used to space the PTO out and away from the transmission circumstance. On some imported or non-SAE regular transmissions they allow for the mounting of standard 6-bolt vitality take-offs. Gear Adapters are available to match most popular transmissions.
Various body configurations: Can relocate the PTO output shaft to improve clearance for a driveshaft or direct-coupled pump
Improvements PTO shaft rotation: Fits PTO rotation to that of the driven equipment
Standard and non-standard bolt patterns: Complements SAE regular PTOs to non-standard transmissions

• Frame made of 1/4″, 3′ x 3″ and 1/4″, 2″ x 2″ metal tubing
• Operates off of skid steer hydraulics
• Requires a the least 16 GPM; optimum of 22 GPM (creates 20 to 40 HP off of the power remove)
• No need to modify power take off shafts
• Adjustable lower arms
• Reinforced durable universal mounting brackets
• Complete with motor, hydraulic hoses and flat faced couplers
• Perfect for three point electrical power take off tools – snow blowers, mowers, tillers, post hole augers, etc

: Over-running clutches provide a safe methods to protect operators and costly machinery from situations when the inertia of PTO influenced put into practice exceeds and over-runs the tractor PTO swiftness. When this happens, the over-running coupler will free-wheel
smoothly and safely. Over-working clutches will normally resist applications requiring up to 65 h.p. at 540 rpm and 100 h.p. at
1000 rpm. Severe shock loads or travel line angularity will reduce this capability
If the space of your PTO will not fit flawlessly within a tractor, a PTO adapter can extend the size and never have to replace it for a new one. This adapter comes with an overall length of 7-3/16″ with a man end 1-3/8″ x 6 spline and a lady 1-3/8″ x 6 spline end.
Create additional duration on the end of your PTO. This tractor PTO shaft adapter has got both a female 6 spline end and a man 6 spline end, each end has a diameter of 1-3/8 in. This allows more connection options and is perfect for anyone that owns a mature tractor since the older parts may not be produced anymore and are less common.
The over-running coupler can be an essential part of PTO travel on rotary mowers, bailers, hay conditioners or any implement where inertia of driven unit may be required to over-run traveling source. The coupler drives solidly from tractor to implement and free wheels smoothly when apply exceeds tractor PTO speeds. All sizes are nominal.
Converts a 1 1/8″ keyed spline to a 1 3/8″ 6 spline.
Necessary with 1000 RPM gearcase upgrade or Three Point Hitch system for the 25PTOC.
This Small 1000 (21 Spline) to 540 PTO Adapter may be the perfect meet for your Shop Dog. It can be easily carried in the Store Dog’s hitchpin and PTO adapter carriers.
This is also a terrific PTO adapter for tractor use. This adapter decreases the tractor’s PTO from 1-3/8″ x 21 spline to 1-3/8 6 spline (540) and extends the PTO shaft 4-1/8″. It comes with an overall amount of 6-3/8″ and is rated for tractors up to 70 HP.