Standard Description
Equipped together with the zero leak bidirectional checking sole-noid valves, this electrical power unit is built for the operation of two independent circuits. Which are respectively for the principal and subordinate platforms of your double scissors lift. Two cut-off valves are made use of for lowering the machine manually in case of power reduction. If more independent circuits are necessary to your application please contact us for availability.
Remark: 1. Please talk to our revenue engineer to the diverse pump displacement, motor energy or tank capability.
2. CSA or UL certified motors are available upon request.
Unique Notes
1. The AC motor is of S3 duty cycle, which might only operate intermittently and repeatedly, i.e., 1minute on and 9 minutes off.
two. Clean each of the hydraulic components concerned prior to installation of the electrical power unit.
three. Viscosity on the oil shoud be 15~46 cst,as well as oil must be clean and cost-free of impurities,N46 hydraulic oil is proposed.
4. The energy unit really should be mounted vertically.
5. Check the oil level from the tank after the initial working from the energy unit.
6. Oil modifying is needed right after the first one hundred operation hrs,afterwards the moment each 3000 hrs.