When right now there is a large temperature fluctuation in the application form environment, when the diameter is huge or when right now there is load upon its keyway, steel hub made of S45C or stainless may sometimes be used. In these cases, the teeth portion and the hub part are attached as well as screws. If it’s not possible to screw with each other, two parts are fused with each other and converted to fused gears. Ever-Power’s fused gears were created in such a way that the holding Plastic Gear Rack strength of the fused surface area is stronger than the tooth strength.
The positive characteristics of plastic gears include being lightweight, non-rusting, calm, injection molding enabling low cost and large production, and in a position to operate without lubrication by mating with metal gears. On the other hand, low strength, tendency to hold heat, large dimensional change including backlash in comparison to steel, etc. are a number of the points requiring caution. The amount of dimensional adjustments that take place with plastic gears depend on the ability to resist temperature alter, moisture absorption rate and resistance to chemical substances.
So far as the applications of plastic gears, they are found in varying industries such as for example food production machines, consumer electronics, chemical substance, toy, and medical apparatus industries.
Our engineering department can help in customizing gears to your drawings and specifications.

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Plastic Machining Organization gears and gear racks are manufactured from high-performance materials including nylon plastic and acetal plastic. These durable polymers provide wear and noise reduction advantages over comparable metal products. PMC’s metallic replacements are identical in design and meet most industry specifications.