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Our merchandise are made by contemporary computerized machinery and equipment. EPG has been efficiently licensed by ISO9002 High quality Management Method, ISO9001 High quality Administration Technique, API certificate, ISO/TS16949:2002 and ISO10012 measurement administration method. we have received the trust of consumers around the world.

NJF sequence EPT alloy hollow sort cooling tower fans are designed exclusively for cooling tower, providing distinct benefits over other varieties of supporters. The blade improved for low audio operation, delivers maXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum air circulation and force capability at reduced speed. The pores and skin of NJF admirer is manufactured with high top quality aliminum alloy that is infused with pigment for even distribution across the laminate. Blades connects to the admirer hub utilizing a hefty-galvanized iron ring integrally molded with each admirer blade. By loosening the hub attachment EPT, blades can effortlessly be rotated to obtain preferred pitch, permitting maXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum uEPTTzation of supporter horseEPTT.


EPT EPTT performance: EPT alloy airfoil blades with large EPTT effectiveness
LigEPTT excess weight: substantial-strength EPT alloy substance.
Good balance: the fan blades have substantial precision, and have been analyzed for weigEPTT matching and harmony prior to providing, the enthusiast working balance has been modified.
Anti-corrosion potential: the floor oXiHu (West EPT) Dis.dation treatment procedure utilised on the surface of the fan increases the corrosion resistance.


Fan blades hook up to the hub is utilizing a heavy-galvanized iron ring integrally molded with every admirer blade. By loosening the hub attachment EPT, blades can easily be rotated to achieve wanted pitch, allowing maXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum uEPTTzation of supporter horseEPTT.


Model Admirer Nos of Blade Fee Air Whole Matching EPTT Sounds
Test Value (dB)
Diameter Blade Type pace movement pressure EPTT (kw)
(mm) (r/min) (m sup3/h) (Pa) Product
NJF1500-4A 1500 4 A 370 59700 one hundred twenty NYQ 132-four-370 four 68
NJF1500-4B 1500 four B 330 57300 one hundred thirty NYQ 132-4-330 four sixty five
NJF1500-6B 1500 six B 250 61200 132.two NYQ 132-4-250 four sixty
NJF1800-4A 1800 four A 370 81000 139 NYQ 132-four-370 5.five 70
NJF1800-4A 1800 4 A 330 85800 one hundred twenty five NYQ 132-5.five-330 five.5 sixty six
NJF1800-6A 1800 6 A 250 81000 139 NYQ 132-5.5-250 five.five sixty
NJF2000-4A 2000 four A 370 92400 one hundred thirty NYQ 132-five.five-370 7.5 70
NJF2000-4A 2000 four A 330 157100 126 NYQ 132-four-330 7.5 sixty six
NJF2000-6B 2000 6 B 250 101400 a hundred and twenty NYQ one hundred sixty-seven.5-250 7.five sixty one
NJF2100-4A 2100 4 A 370 101400 one hundred fifty.four NYQ 132-7.five-370 7.five seventy one
NJF2100-4A 2100 4 A 350 91200 NYQ 132-5.five-350 five.5 66
NJF2100-6A 2100 6 A 250 91200 NYQ 132-5.five-250 5.5 61
NJF2400-6B 2400 six B 330 170000 210 NYQ one hundred sixty-eleven-210 eleven 70
NJF3000-4A 3000 four A 320 260000 171 NYQ 160-18.five-320 18.5 seventy three
NJF3000-4A 3000 four A 250 221760 179 NYQ one hundred sixty-fifteen-250 15 70
NJF3000-6A 3000 six A 210 257148 147 NYQ one hundred sixty-11-210 eleven sixty five
NJF3500-4B 3500 4 B 320 280000 one hundred thirty NYQ a hundred and sixty-22-320 22 seventy five
NJF3500-6B 3500 6 B 210 260000 130 NYQ 160-15-210 fifteen 65
NJF3600-4B 3600 four B 320 320000 170 NYQ 160-22-320 22 76
NJF3600-6B 3600 six B 210 350000 210 NDQ a hundred and sixty-22-210 22 65
NJF4267-4B 4267 4 B 250 425000 a hundred thirty NDQ one hundred sixty-22-250 22 73
NJF4267-6B 4267 six B 210 450000 215 NDQ 225-37-210 37 66
NJF4500-4B 4500 four B 210 550000 171 NDQ 225-37-210 37 seventy five
NJF4500-6B 4500 6 B 165 560000 210 NDQ 225-37-one hundred sixty five 37 73
NJF5000-6B 5000 six B 165 550000 one hundred twenty NDQ 225-thirty-a hundred sixty five thirty seventy five
NJF5000-4B 5000 4 B a hundred and sixty 500000 120 NDQ 225-22-a hundred sixty five 22 sixty eight
NJF6000-4B 6000 four B a hundred sixty five 600000 one hundred twenty NDQ 225-thirty-one hundred sixty five thirty seventy five
NJF6000-6B 6000 6 B one hundred sixty five 650000 120 NDQ 225-37-one hundred sixty five 37 76

Supporter ASSEMBLY Directions

EPTTin NJF series hollow type EPT alloy supporters are shipped in unassembled form, supporter blades and hub will be matched properly to guarantee proper re-assembly.
a. Select a broad open region to accommodate to the fan diameter.
b. Position the admirer hub one in the cEPTTr of the function region with the blade sockets.
c. Spot admirer blade 2 in a blade socket on the hub. On supporters exactly where the blades overlap at the hub be confident to have the leading edge unEPTTthe trailing edge of the EPTT blade.
d. Guarantee the blade shank protection collar is inboard of the inner hub rim.

Supporter Set up Instructions

one. Be confident cooling tower motor is locked out.
2. Cleanse the hub bore and driving shaft extension for the full duration of the crucial.
3. Insert the essential in the keyway. The best of the essential have to be underneath the best of the shaft by not more than 3 mm . The important is a tigEPTT match throughout the width and should by no means be altered.
four. Soon after cleansing, implement a coat of anti-seize compound to the interact – ment portion of the shaft.
five. Increase the admirer assembly over the shaft and gradually reduce the hub on to the shaft with the keywaEPTTaligned. Make certain the essential does not slide down during installation.
six. Put in the Hub Retention Cap Screw with Lock Washer.

Application amp Utilization

Hollow kind EPT alloy admirer is commonly utilised in distinct varieties of cooling towers, three admirer blades, 4 admirer blades, 5 admirer blades, six fan blades and eight enthusiast blades are available for various doing work issue and air volume problems. EPTTin also provides EPT provider for customers worldwide.

Admirer Routine maintenance

Well timed supporter maintenance will proEPTT the valuable life and guarantee continued trouble-cost-free operation.
Soon after the first week and subsequently at 6 thirty day period intervals:
#8226 Torque all EPT to check if any unfastened
#8226 Visually examine the admirer for airborne debris hurt, examine with supporter cylinEPTTsegments, and corrosive attack. Appropriate any conditions deter-EPTd harmful to supporter operation.
#8226 Remove any gathered scale or grime.
#8226 Very clear blade drain holes at supporter tip.

Submitted Information FOR REPTLACING COOLING TOWER Enthusiast

EPTTin supplEPTTcooling tower substitute service for model cooling towers. Advise us under necessary details so that we could supply correctly:
1. Fan Diameter, two. Nos of Admirer Blades , three. Blade Width , 4. Hub diameter
To match your eXiHu (West EPT) Dis.sting driving shaft, shaft diameter, key width and hub height are also essential when inserting orders.

  in Tanta Egypt  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Njf Series Aluminum Alloy Cooling Tower Fans Hollow Type manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Tanta Egypt  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Njf Series Aluminum Alloy Cooling Tower Fans Hollow Type manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler