fluid coupling

We give the fluid coupling and skills you need to maintain your business in movement and make confident that nothing slows you down.

With a range of items customised to your software, our fluid couplings are made to give you total control over your device start-ups, improving effectiveness whilst saving time and cash in routine maintenance and downtime.

With a robust belief in innovation, we use more than 50 years of information and knowledge to create and offer the best couplings obtainable for your business.

At KTR, we are a major maker of substantial-quality energy transmission engineering, braking and cooling systems, and hydraulic elements.

Every design has its edge. The interior wheel generate requires significantly less electricity throughout the commence-up of the motor and has standardisation of bores for uniform shafts of the electric motors. With a hold off chamber, the internal wheel generate also has a sluggish-begin up as the oil is sucked into the workspace. Alternatively, the outer wheel generate has good heat dissipation which tends to make it best for applications with frequent or extended beginning processes. The outer wheel also has an easier oil placing, which indicates that it can be turned out with no transferring the generate or the driven device.

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