Product Description

Pressure Submersible Multi-Stage High-Temperature Molten Salt Pump

Product Description

Conform to design standard of API610
Flow range:2~1600m3/h
Lift range:~100m
Design pressure: 5MPa at most
Application temperature:550ºC/850ºC
Application field: Transport all kinds of high temperature medium such as high temperature melted salt, high temperature melted slag, liquid lead and aluminum etc. Mainly used in high temperature medium delivery and heat transfer conditions such as nuclear power, solar power, chlor-alkali chemical industry, phthalic anhydride, maleicanhydride, acrylic acid, fluorine chemical industry, cryogen, aluminum oxide, melamine and organic chemical industry.


Next pump in liquid in fusil hydrochloric in series heat in FGY type,is RY my factory to produce at many year in the type fusil hydrochloric pump foundation according to the demand of the customer,consult abroad of the same kind type product of The construction proceeds the RY type that develop the design promotes to higher grade to change the on behalf product.
The series of FGY than act for the product RY type fusil hydrochloric pump product line more perfect.The dervice lifte is more long,combining to transport from the single the salt of fusil,then converting in to divided by the fusil hydrochloric Salt outside,can be used as at the same time the heat chemical engineering material transport.
The series of FGY considers to spread the cooling that move the part well on the design,transporting Lying the saturated steam in quality seals complletely to wait the work circumstances term,makinng to the original RY type pump construction A flood of improvement and pass to experiment the proceeding verification:
1.The bearinngs part establishes the cooling device,making bearinngs work environment not summit to and high the temperature lies the influence of the quality.
2.Cool off the water to get in touch with stalk directly,lie the heat of the quality can t spread because of stalk pass to turn to move the part.
3.Special construction,insure cooling water absoluteness not enter to lie the quality.
4.Need not to maintain to bear the heat seal completely the device,makinng is transported to lie the quality satisfied Divert unlikely with the steam,(special at work circumstances that transport the meltdown salt,even the saturated steam in a little amount and second nitrate also is harmful to the human bydy,cancer-causing.)
The variety bears the heat and bear the corrosion bears the combination that whet the material,makinng next pump in FGY series heat liquid been applicable to not only such as:film type method CZPT alkali,the organism fluorin break lies 2 dollars,three dollar a heat for of the fusil hydrochloric,and also can use in phosphate fertilizer,petroleum break solution etc.Device fluid of the usage transports.Because eradicating completely thoroughly the calories spreads to spread to move the part,for this reason FGY series pump than the next pump(fusil hydrochloric pump)in liquid in heat in type of the same kind life span increases consumedly.

Meaning of model code
B-Material code number 37-Head(m)Y-upright pump G-heat 100-Capacitym3/h


1 Water absorption section 2 Pump body sealing gasket 3 Interstage bushings 4 Bushing 5 Pump body sealing gasket 6 Interstage bushings
7 Bushing 8 To take over the sealing gasket 9 Under the takeover 10 Intermediate shaft sleeve 11 To take over the sealing gasket 12 Middle bushing
13 On taking over 14 Pressurized water period 15 Transmission components 16 Coupling 17 Impeller 18 Pump body
19 Impeller 20 Pump body 21 Packing collar 22 Blades 23 Bearing 24 Bearing
25 Electric frame 26 Motor                

1 Motor 2 Electric coupling 3 Electric frame 4 Pump coupling 5 Bearing gland 6 Round nut
7 On the bearing 8 Bearing box 9 Bearing box 10 Pump shaft 11 Bearing 12 Bearing gland
13 Middle frame 14 Blades 15 Packing gland 16 Packing 12×12 17 And a half of the flange   Floor
19 On taking over 20 Liquid pipe 21 Pump cover 22 Impeller 23 Impeller nut 24 Pump body
25 bushing 26 Under the collar 27 Bushing clamp 28 Under the takeover 29 Xihu (West Lake) Dis. bearing body 30 On the liner
31 On the collar                    

Product Parameters

Performance parameters of the table

Company Profile


Max.Head: 80-110m
Max.Capacity: >400 L/min
Driving Type: Motor
Impeller Number: Multistage Pump
Working Pressure: High Pressure Pump
Influent Type of Impeller: Single Suction Pump


Customized Request

Shaft Collar

Types of Shaft Collars

A shaft collar is a simple machine component that is an integral part of many power transmission applications. It is most commonly found in motors and gearboxes and serves as a mechanical stop, locating component, and bearing face. Its easy installation and quick assembly make it an ideal component for a variety of applications.

Clamp-style shaft collars

Clamp-style shaft collars are fasteners that fit over shafts. They can be made of aluminum, steel, or titanium. Stainless steel collars are available in corrosion-resistant finishes to prevent galling. Engineered plastics are also available. Black oxide finishes improve corrosion resistance and provide a smooth surface for screw installation.
The holding power of Clamp-style shaft collars depends on the shaft’s bore size and concentricity, which are important factors in many applications. The fastening hardware is also important, as it can affect torque transmission. For example, forged screws are superior to broached screws in a number of ways, including reduced risk of reaming out. In addition, the material of the collar must be strong enough to withstand the torque required by the screw.
Shaft collars are complicated components. Their performance can determine the efficiency of an application. The design process is complex, and many factors are considered. Considerations include shaft geometry, bore size, and style. Shaft collar manufacturers will provide performance information on their website. If you are not satisfied with the information provided, you can contact the manufacturer.
Clamp-style shaft collars are made from high-quality materials. The metal used to produce them is lead-free and stainless, which resist corrosion. Moreover, these shaft collars have a high holding power, so they won’t mar your shaft and ensure proper alignment. These collars can be found in a variety of bore sizes, from 1/8″ to six inches.
Clamp-style shaft collars are available in lead-free steel, 303 and 316 stainless steel, and aluminum. They are available in a one-piece clamp or a two-piece clamp style. They are made of high-grade steel and are machined to a burr-free surface.
Clamp-style shaft collars have two-piece clamps that can be easily disassembled and installed in their proper position. Two-piece clamps are stronger than one-piece collars because all of the clamping force goes directly into the clamping shaft. Two-screw clamps have two and four-screws, and can also be wrench-tightened.
Set screw collars were one of the first shaft collars to be mass-produced. They were often used on line shafting in early manufacturing mills. While they can work well for simple shaft positioning, they’re not the most reliable option for complicated applications. Furthermore, set screws can cause damage to the shaft, making it difficult to reposition the collar or adjust its angle. For this reason, small flats are usually added to the shaft at set screw locations.
Shaft Collar

Set-screw shaft collars

Set-screw shaft collars are used to secure a shaft to a screw. They are available in several sizes and materials. Typical types include the solid, quick-release, split, and threaded styles. They come in an assortment of sizes and materials, including aluminum, zinc plated steel, and black oxide steel. Most are available in stock and are available in various sizes.
These collars come in many sizes and are ideal for use with standard round shafts. They are easy to install and disassemble and feature a high clamping power. They are also available in custom designs and materials. Set-screw shaft collars are available for use in various industries.
The company manufactures a variety of collars, including steel, zinc plated steel, and stainless steel. They also offer custom and adjustable collars. These collars are used in a variety of industries, including the food, chemical, pulp and paper, and wood industries. They are available with a variety of screw threads.
The screw and shaft material relationship must be compatible to ensure a secure fit. In addition, the shaft material should be softer than the screw material. For this reason, set-screw shaft collars are most effective when the shaft is made from softer material. Some setscrew shaft collars feature forged socket set screws to increase their holding power and torque capacity. Additionally, forged stainless steel set screws also increase their performance and hardness.
Shaft collars can be used on machines and transmission applications. They can be adjusted with a set screw or grub screw. In addition to setting the collar into place, a screw driver can also be used to adjust the grip on the collar. This type of shaft collar is often used in manufacturing applications.
Clamp-type collars are another type of shaft collars. These types allow the shaft to rotate and are used for mounting sensors and fixtures. These collars can be found in one-piece or two-piece styles. They can also be used in harsh environments.
Shaft Collar

Single split shaft collars

Single split shaft collars are used in many applications to protect the shaft from wear and tear. They are easy to install and disassemble, reducing downtime and labor costs. These collars utilize full seating torque of the set screws to apply equal force distribution around the shaft’s circumference, providing stronger holding power.
These shaft collars are available in a variety of materials. They are typically made from different types of steel, including stainless, alloyed steel, nylon, and aluminum. Some are even available in custom sizes. In addition to standard sizes, single split shaft collars also come in a variety of finishes, including black oxide and chrome.
Single split shaft collars come in metric and imperial sizes. They can be made of various materials, including zinc and lead-free steel. These collars are available with a black oxide finish for extra corrosion resistance. They are also available in 303 and 316 stainless steel. They can also be made from engineered plastics.
Single split shaft collars are the most popular style of shaft collars. They are easy to install and disassemble. They provide a tight fit and superior holding power over solid shaft collars. They are also easier to replace and can be used on a variety of shafts. In addition, single split shaft collars are easy to remove and adjust.
Single split shaft collars are available in a variety of bore sizes. They can fit shaft diameters from 1/8″ to four fifteen/16″. Ideally, the material used should be softer than the set screw. You can also choose between non-plated and chrome-plated collars. These collars are available in metric or imperial measurements.
Single split shaft collars are one-piece or two-piece designs. Single-piece shaft collars feature one screw and two-piece collars have two. They are easier to install than single-piece shaft collars and are suitable for lighter duty applications. Single split shaft collars are available in a variety of threaded bore sizes.
Single split shaft collars have a wide range of uses in industrial settings. They can secure bearings on shafts or locate components in motor assemblies. They can also function as mechanical stops. RS PRO offers a wide selection of shaft collars that meet and exceed industry standards.
China Professional High Pressure Multistage Water Centrifugal Semi-Submerged Vertical Pump with Good Service Fgy   shaft collar blankChina Professional High Pressure Multistage Water Centrifugal Semi-Submerged Vertical Pump with Good Service Fgy   shaft collar blank
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