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Zhejiang, China

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WLY Transmission Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various mechanical transmissions and hydraulic transmissions, such as: agricultural gearboxes, tractor gearboxes, automobile gearboxes, power transmission shafts, special reducers and related gear components and other related products sprockets, collars, low Backlash worm reducer, etc. In addition, we can produce customized transmissions, geared motors, electric motors and other hydraulic products according to customers’ drawings. Our products have been exported to customers all over the world and have won a good reputation for our excellent product quality and after-sales service. Warmly welcome domestic and foreign customers to call to discuss business, exchange information and cooperate. We have more than 1500 workers and own CNC lathes and CNC machining centers. We are one of the best manufacturers and suppliers in China. Simply choose the ideal gear unit for your requirements and benefit from the advantages our standard range offers you. High quality, fast availability worldwide and an attractive price level are the main advantages of this series of gear units.

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Superior design ensures superior performance. Since 1951, Weasler has led the industry in innovative drivetrains and components.

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24×7 service support, providing quality service anytime, anywhere. For more details, please view our product catalogue and machine list.

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Your device is unique. Our talented team of engineers can customize drive shaft solutions to meet your exact specifications for optimal design flexibility.


You expect reliable, safe and durable equipment. Our focus on quality and continuous improvement gives you the best drivetrain solutions available today.

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Advantages of WLY

Our manufacturing approach leverages the latest engineering software in the drive industry to enable superior products to produce consistent and economical products that provide outstanding service over many years of use.

Shaft Collar

We offer a wide range of shaftcollars that are highly efficient in the long run. These are made using the highest quality materials from established manufacturers to ensure durability even in adverse conditions. Our product range is quality checked at every stage of production to ensure customer satisfaction. They are available in different sizes, designs and specifications, in other words, can be customized on request.

Excellent Service

With WLY, you can rely on attention to detail, customer-intensive service and quality control… these advantages have enabled our company to grow and grow over the years. Every product that leaves our factory goes through a series of inspection and testing procedures to ensure a superior transmission every time.

China supplier NMRV63 worm gearbox 90 degree reducer speed gearbox with motor near me factory

Product Overview NMRV worm gear reducer – main materials:NMRV571-NMRV90 reducer housing: aluminum alloy (frame: 571-090)NMRV110-NMRV150 reducer housing cast iron (frame: 110-130);NMRV571-NMRV90 reducer: 20Cr, carburized and quenched, gear surface hardness 56-62hrc,...

China Good quality customized worm gear sets and gear shaft for blow molding machine and elevator with Great quality

Aodisi Whol Worm Gear Sets for Blow Molding Machine and Elevator Material:Steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, GT2 Timing Pulley 30 Teeth Aluminum Wheel Bore 56.358mm Synchronous Wheel for V-Slot 3D Printer Parts brassSurface: as per your requirementAny other...

China OEM 11.5W 77rpm DC6V hollow shaft all metal gear micro Worm gear ultrathin intelligent lock core reducer motor near me shop

Product ApplicationProduct details:1. pure copper wire windingThe rotor adopts pure copper group,small resistance,strong electrical conductivity,so the torque increased.2. Hollow shaft Hollow shaft,easy to install,not easy to slip, Customized fabrication turning...

China manufacturer Travel Drives Wheel Drive For Skid Steer Loaders with Free Design Custom

At present, the specifications of our EP3 Series planetary gear box, EP4 series track drives, EP7 Series selw drives, EP6 Series wheel drives, is up to over 10,000 iterms. The reduction ratio range is from 3.3 ~ 9000, the output torque range is from 500 ~ 450000N.m....

China wholesaler EPBH series bevel helical high quality speed reducer gearbox for all machines with Hot selling

Benefit: 1. High modular style 2. Substantial load support, secure transmission, and low noise. 3. Very good sealing overall performance and broad selection of industrial programs. 4. Higher efficiency and power saving. 5. Cost conserving and minimal upkeep. main...

Precision Roller Chain

Precision Roller Chain, Parts and Connecting Back linksThe precision steel roller chain is actually a really effective and versatile signifies of transmitting mechanical energy, which, from the area of industrial applications, has virtually fully superseded all other...

Precision Roller Chain

Precision Roller Chain, Parts and Connecting HyperlinksThe precision steel roller chain is often a extremely effective and versatile indicates of transmitting mechanical electrical power, which, in the field of industrial applications, has almost wholly superseded all...


Zhejiang, China